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controversial shooting in palm springs. we will hear from the family. more information on the shooting in san jose last night. one gunman is stiffel ll on the loose. more information on that. more stormy weather ahead. conditions blamed for rough surf at ocean beach, where a surfer had to be rescued this morning. good evening. i'm diane dwyer, the body of 22-year-old marine shot and killed by police in palm springs this past week was returned to his family in the bay area today. nbc bay area, kimberly terry where the flag draped coffin arrived this afternoon. kimberly. two dozen family members were here when the coffin arrived. as you can iffage in. there was overwhelming grieve as the body of the corporal was brought inside. the 22-year-old was shot the
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morning of november 10th during a confrontation with palm spring police who say that he used his car as a weapon against two officers who feared for their safety. and based at camp pendleton. but stationed at 29 palms. he was just in the bay area where he grew up visiting and had plans to start college in a few months. >> this is a -- there is a young man, signed up to serve the country who went to afghanistan. came back untouched. was sach in afghanistan. came back to get killed. nobody deserves this. they want to know more about what exactly happened the morning the marine was killed. they want a full investigation, independent of the palm spring police department or district attorney any office. both officers involved in the shooting have been placed on
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paid administrative leave. kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. thank you, kimberly. the weather took quite a turn overnight. let's check in with the meteorologist on the latest and when the next storm is coming in, rob. >> right now. just saw on the radar. the rain is starting to reach the north bay. where we have seen the most impressive rainfall totals in the last 24 hours. santa rosa. an inch nach of rain so far. see san francisco, 1/2 inch in the last 24 hours. more impressive. santa cruz mountains. three inches of rain. east bay hills. close to 1/2 inch of rain. if you can see on the radar. see the next band, already reaching the sonoma county coastline. approaching into santa rosa. light to moderate rain. see the. that's where the rain line is. partly cloudy skies in san francisco. so, hour by hour, your evening forecast. that's where the rain line is at 6:00. watch what happens. get towards 7:00, 8:00. san jose state, the big game.
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7:00 tonight. rain moving into the south bay. and the satellite view still shows a very stormy looking pattern as the system comes in. weather systems lining up on the west coast. we will let you know what we can expect for the weekend forecast coming of in the full seven day forecast in ape few minutes. >> thank you, rob. the next storm is a concern for people who live in one daly city neighborhood where a water main break, cause aid mudslide earlier this week. nbc bay area's, monte francis with more. >> diane. good evening. daly city officiawfficials are to reassure people that it is safe. they have placed bales of hay, and netting to prevent mud from the road. walter crews spend the day following the water main break and mudslide. digging a ditch. to divert rain water. if all goes as planned. when the storm hits. the rain won't cause the hillside to give way anymore. we talked to one homeowner who've lived at the bottom of hilt that released mud last
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tuesday. he is happy with the way, the city responded. he still has doubts about the long term stability about the hillside. >> the rain. big rain comes. comes back. but right now it seems -- to me, that it is, still holding up. with a big hold. >> this is what it looks like here, tuesday. following the water main break. 98,000 gallons of water. spilled into the streets. now everything has been cleaned up, since then. and water officials say they have stablized the hillside. dan, you can understand why people are anything shuchlts the wet weather on the way. live, monte francis. high wind and waves, caused problems for a surfer this morning. a call went out, went out for help that is. after a pair of surfers wiped out near the cliff house.
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and one of them was missing. the fire department and coast guard responded. eventually they found the surfer, clinging to rocks nearby. >> the surf was about, 5 foot, 6 foot. the surfer jumped off the rock and swam. he wasn't in serious distress other than losing his board and climbing of on the rocks. once he makes the commitment to climb on rock. basically, a rescue at that point. >> the surfer reportedly only surfed at ocean beach a few times. xachl m police are looking for a man connected to an officer involved shooting in san jose. one of two of men who robbed four businesses at gun point in south san jose last night. spotted the suspect vehicle on 101. after a short pursuit, police say the driver -- pulled over. and opened fire on the officer. >> around to the corner. around the officer's feet. and the front windshield, side window. one of the round -- struck the officers canisters and exploded
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that. now the car is contaminated with pepper spray. the officer was fortunate. >> the officer suffered only minor injuries. both men fled the scene. police say they caught one suspect nearby. they believe he was the gunman. he was taken into the hospital. and treated for a gunshot wound. and then taken into custody. the other robber is still on the loose. should be considered armed and dangero dangerous. one year after his shooting death, some people are still struggling to deal with the death of the officer. known for devegs to family, community and colleagues. killed after a high-speed pursuit and foot chase. he was remembered at city hall with a moment of silence. members of the police department stay they remember him as a great officer, mentor, and marine, who constantly gave become to the community. the veteran officer was 45 years old. left behind a wife and three daughters. a san francisco deputy accused of felony bank robbery released
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on bail. phillip phillip tsong. the teller handed over cash. police identified tsong as a suspect in the robbery using surveillance video and fingerprints. charged with one felony count of robbery and burglary. tsong suspended during the investigation. and unpaid leave. the deputy had recently filed for bankruptcy, and bail was set at $150,000,00. the picture of a president and young olympic athlete this going viral. teenager credited with saving her mother's life this past weekend. thanks to a cpr class. and concerns over a possible ground in vaegs vasion of the g strip are growing. we'll bring you the latest there.
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us railly and palestinian militants, trade fire concerns of of a ground invasion mount. >> for the fourth straight night. palestinians are bracing for what could be a deadly evening of israeli air strikes and drones. the fear on everyone's mind, has to circle around a possible ground invasion. what that means.
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israel has amassed thousands of soldiers on the border. palestinians are nervous. and an ominous sign that a ground invasion is imminent. officials are meeting with the head of palestinian factions in cairo. trying to secure a commitment from these factions to cease all hostilities and rocket fire into israel. from an israeli perspective. that is a game changer. it potentially means two of israel's largest population centers are now within reach of palestinian rockets. >> we have more than 4 million people. we have to protect. and again, again. you see. let's go. let's go. >> the fear is, if these talks in cairo fail, and they are unable to get a cessation of hostilities, a ground invasion could be imminent. from everyone we have been speaking to in gaza in terms of
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officials and palestinians, politicians and others, the people of gaza would suffer the most. that would be a disastrous consequence for inhabitants. coming up next, president obama is headed overseas. we'll have a preview of his trip and update on the so-called fiscal cliff. >> nbc bay area received help for the food drive from a few stars. one human. one dragon. we'll explain coming up.
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a south bay teenager, credited with saving her mother's life. and how a sunnyvale girl used something she learned in school to stave her mother's life. >> you are looking at a new man. put it that way. five days ago, i was -- hopelessly sad. wondering how i am going to raise a 17-year-old daughter. on my own. >> emotional, larry dolan couldn't be happier, spending time with his wife and daughter. they had the scare of a lifetime at home in sunnyvale. started screaming for my daughter. >> i heard my dad, call my name. never heard him say my name that loud. sounded like he was having a
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heart attack. i plugged her nose. made sure she had a clear throat. you know, picked up her head a little bit. leaning back. and lindsay says she took a one hour cpr class at high school two years ago. so she knew how to breathe life back into her mother. >> oh, well here is a story. i couldn't believe it. you know, my daughter saves my life. >> doctors say, laurie has syndrome. and her heart stopped. she didn't breathe for 25 minutes. extended family came to her bedside. doctors didn't believe she would survive. but she pulled through. and it -- may be because of lindsay. >> the doctors were telling me without that. my life would have been gone. >> doctors are calling this teenager a hero. >> it makes me feel amazing. it makes me feel so close. to her than i ever was.
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like -- it's crazy. >> she is my mom. i love her. >> nbc bay area news. wow, a tear-jerker. when you do your grocery shopping, you have a great opportunity to giant us here at nbc bay area. and nbc bay area is joining safe way for an annual food drive. 165 bay area stores are hosting the end hunger drive. just about all of us from the nbc bay air y news team. another, to help collect donations. the drive continues through kris day. i was out at the safe way. but the club. and i believe, i believe, our very own, meteorologist was checking on the weather as well, rob, $10. buy a bag of food.
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package it. great. >> tremendous cause. i was out in danville with the kiwanis. you can see nbc bay area, molly wagner there, and also, also, nbc bay area. donations coming from young and old out there in danville. just got the information. as of last year. 18,000 bags donated as of 11:00. as of 4:00 today. 24,764 donated bags so far. well ahead of last year. some tremendous news. of course, keep on helping out. at your local safe way. $10 donation gets you, to help out. bay area food banks. let's show you the weather right now around the bay area. still haven't changed much, temperaturewise. woke up. upper 50s. 60s. exactly where we are right now. it has also been a little windy out there. we had gusty wind this morning. brought down branchs. probably will cause a few more power issues tonight as the next cold front comes sweeping on in. as you can see on the radar.
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next round of rain, into the north bay right now. you can see from santa rosa, sonoma coast. down 101 to san francisco. next have hour to an hour. see it spilling through the central bay. nothing right now in the santa clara valley. this will be the last place to clear tomorrow morning. as the the front slowly moves out of the bay area. winter storm warning is up. notice lack of snow. right now, unfortunately, snow levels are way up there near 7,000 feet tonight. those will drop back down to 6,000 feet. should see a foot of snow. for most locationss by the end f the weekend. the reason we have the system coming in on us tonight. a wet, stormy pattern setting up. mainly, aiming to the north of the bay area. the transition, go through the weeken. goi -- weekend. this is what is coming our way early next week. rain chances, moving north of san francisco. but warming temperatures actually south, towards san jose. tonight here comes the rain. into the south bay. through 11:00 tonight. things starting to clear out.
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10:00 in the north bay. sunday, maybe early rain for south bay. then sunday afternoon. looks mainly dry. there you see the transition, most of the rain across the far north bay. and then tuesday, watch the rain line, start to drop down toward san francisco. and spilling into the rest of the bay area wednesday. good news though. for thanksgiving. it looks dry. wednesday, though, get away travel make have to deal with shower activity for most of the bay area wednesday. next 24 hours. looking at a 1/4 inch of rain. most of the bay area. got through the wettest part of the forecast. one more cyst,000 temperatusyst. tomorrow morning. south bay. temperatures tomorrow. not different than today. low 60s. san jose. gilroy. 60s, trivalley. north bay, numbers in the low 60s again tomorrow. 62, san francisco. and 64 in oakland. got the system come offing tine night into tomorrow morning. and then mainly north bay rain for monday. then late tuesday, into wednesday. see the next round drop in. and then after that, thursday into friday.
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clearing skies. some morning fog. and things actually -- looking a bit drier. to wrap up the week. an interesting week ahead. first we have the one system to deal with tonight. then we will see warming,000 temperatu -- then we will see warming temperatures. they could see, three, four inches of rain >> do have the clearing on thursday. >> thursday looks fine. >> thank you, rob. the president stepped away from discussions about the fiscal cliff this week for a few minutes to meet with members of the 2012, u.s. olympic team the this photo released by the white house today, shows, mr. obama immitating, silver medalist, not impressed look. the expregs wssion was caught. they're having fun with it. the president was an avid watcher of the olympics and talked to all five members of the gymnastics team by phone after they within gold this summer while he was on the campaign trail in ohio. now for a look at sports. time to check in with comcast
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sportsnet. henry, two important football games tonight. then a third one t. that i am interested in too. big games. talking about a gymnast. give you something to flip over. if you can't get enough football. you've will love what we have coming up for you. rivals. usc/ucla. and former raiders' coach, gruden returns to the bay. nothing but love for the silver and black. guess what he will do tomorrow. it might surprise you. sports is next. frigidaire
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we introduced the first home freezer. the first pulsator agitator washer. we created a host of innovations that have helped make your home life better. and now we introduce the frigidaire orbitclean™ dishwasher. designed with a unique wash arm that gives you four times more water coverage. for a consistently better clean. frigidaire. over 90 years of legendary innovation. welcome back to nbc bay area. stanford would love to be the top dog in the pack 12.
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right now, no one in making more noise than two in the country. oregon duck. stanford, oregon battle just wonder way. oregon could clinch the victory. complete highlights at 11:00. what about the pac 12 south. usc/ucla. bruins up. jonathan franklin takes it 17 yards. for the touchdown. ucla up. 20-0. but usc didn't go away. fourth quarter. closes down 11. matt barkley. 14 yard touchdown. two point conversion. next possession. franklin. breaks free. 27-yard touchdown. 171 yard. two tds. driving again. barclay. stayed down for a while. he would leave the game. then with less than two minutes
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left. ucla. traeg to stop usc. thigh block. the field goal. this baby is history. then gets the gatorade bath. 38-28. second quarter. irish up. 34-yard touchdown pass. 28-0. notre dame. third quarter now. up 31-0. bay area guy. george atkinson. hits pay dirt. 38-0. at that point. that is your final. they remain undefeated. harvard/bills quarterback. ryan fitzpatrick. the game between harvard and yale. takes the handoff. harvard beats yale. for the sixth year. in a rope.
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34-24 is your final. to the big time. allen smith. questionable for the showdown with the bears. quarterback has not been fully cleared after suffering a concussion last sunday. offensive lineman. dealt with concussions before. described what the final step is. for smith to return. for me it was like i basically. with my helmet. the quarterback would be different. it's their job. their consistent. we wish alex smith the best. what about, the raiders head coach. and part of the broadcasting team. and called the action monday. and gruden will be in oakland.
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al davis memorial flames. as first reported by our own kate longworth. gruden spent four seasons as raiders head coach. don't forget later tonight. cal and oregon state will have complete hive lights. of that game as well. but diane, nice gesture by gruden. to light the flame. that means a lot to a lot of rader fans. >> all right. thank you, henry. 1,000 families in oakland are able to enjoy a turkey dinner this thanksgiving. thanks to a dinner basket give away. for the past two weeks, lower income families, signed up to participate in the give away. 1,000 families, picked up their baskets. complete with a turkey and trimmings for a holiday feast. >> but the idea that's we want to encourage families to come together and share a meal. thanksgiving is a wonderful time to do that. >> of giving thanks program. fifth year. put on by oakland city council member. sports agent.
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erin goodwin. with 1,000 families served. translates, 5,000 to 6,000 people. still to come. the latest on the storm headed to the bay area. plus how the stormy weather made for a scary situation for the surfer on the coast. president obama headed for asia. while he is there he'll make history. we will explain coming up.
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